Ridley Scott's Sci-Fi Horror Classic

Welcome to my website! This is a website about the 1979 film Alien, directed by Ridley Scott. Alien is one of the films that redefined the way movies are watched and made. It is a film that is enjoyable on many levels. In addition to the thrills and chills, Alien is a movie that lends its self very well to literary analysis. My goal is to make a site that provides a thought provoking and easy to understand reading of Alien.

            Since I have always been interested in science fiction, it seemed only natural to choose a science fiction horror movie for this project. I chose Alien because to me, it represents the quintessential sci-fi horror movie. It can be looked at from many perspectives, including how it changed the genre, how it deals with gender, its visual design, and how it influenced other movies.

This site is divided into nine other modules. They are:


Historical and Cultural Context


Genre and Subgenre

Technical Analysis

Analysis of Tropes and Metaphors

Narrative Analysis

Personal Response

Works Cited

You can also navigate to the different pages with the bar near the top of the page. Enjoy the site!

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